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Life after jobs: the successes and failures of Apple after the death of company founder

Probably the most difficult for the leader fate — to become the successor of the great leader. Because his head is already not jump, right? To win in this situation is almost impossible, and you can lose everything. Whether to try to emulate that style of leadership, whereby so successful your predecessor? Most likely, the comparison will be not in your favor. To change this and develop your own style? But it is possible to destroy an established, well working machine.

54-year-old Tim cook has led Apple about four years ago, shortly before the death of its legendary founder Steve jobs. Before joining the office of General cook almost did not know outside the company, and few expected that he will take the role of head of the Corporation.

Tim cook is struggling to attract investors and to strengthen the faith of shareholders, he conducted a stock split, increased the amount of dividends, and also gave a large sum on the repurchase of securities of Apple. He is taking other steps, conquering the vast Chinese market, acquiring promising companies, including Beats. He is actively involved in charity, encourages its employees, expressed support for the programme for the protection of the environment and even advocates for gay rights.

No one challenged the commercial ability of Tim cook. Chief operating officer performed well in this position. However, in its success as the head of the whole company to have serious doubts. Lenta offers a track history of success and failures of Apple after the death of the genius of Steve jobs.

2011-2013: bad, good, bad again

Cook himself has strengthened decadent mood, having begun his letter to employees, sent on the day of jobs ‘ death, saying: “Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius”. So, Apple is no more visionary creative geniuses who could continue the work life of one of the cofounders?

Although Tim cook is not the first month was the acting Director General, Apple fans believed that, even after retiring from the steering post in August 2011, attentive to every detail jobs involved in the development of new products. And now no jobs. What will happen?

2012 was relatively easy for Apple. The audience reacted favorably to the iPhone 5, was developed “in Jobs”. But in 2013, when it was first released a “gold” iPhone 5s, bloggers and journalists returned to the predictions of the fall of 2011, remembering the notorious “cosmetics”. Wow, painted Apple iPhone in an unusual new color!

The fingerprint sensor is updated the processor and increased battery life barely speak. All to pay attention only to “seemed like a toonie gold” model and considered it the same “five” is still the screen, almost the same camera, the same amount of memory. Apple is on the path of the game with looks! Although just a couple years before the iPhone 4 was replaced by the even more identical to the iPhone 4s. Even earlier were the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

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2014: Mac Pro, new iPad, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

2014 for Apple was more successful. For sale a new cylindrical Mac Pro “in the form of the ballot boxes”, the output of which is planned for late 2013.

In the autumn the company’s position was strengthened even more with the release of iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Four significantly updated product, launched in September and October led to an unprecedented growth is important for shareholders of indicators. About Apple again talked about as a company that “may”. Commentators no longer compared 2012, which was still feeling the effect of jobs with not so good (only in the food plan) 2013.

But with the autumn update of the range smartphone for download became available and a custom version of iOS 8, a number of innovations which made the owners of devices running Android to start talking about borrowing.

The first thing that angered them — is presented as something revolutionary the opportunity to respond to incoming messages directly from the notification. The implementation is very reminiscent of Android version 4.1 Jelly Bean is still 2012. At the end of 2014 iOS 8 has found widgets that were available in Android 2.0 Eclair already in 2009. Voice assistant Siri can be started by entering the phrase ” Hey Siri — like OK Google in the Motorola Moto X 2013. Finally, updating the operating system allowed the installation of third-party keyboards. And iPhone instantly got a long-awaited Swype keyboards than owners of gadgets with Android enjoyed almost as much as it is Android.

If we talk about hardware, then surely it is worth mentioning NFC, whose support has got the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and that 2012 was not able to “lift” manufacturers of smartphones running Android. Especially optimistic analysts promised that Apple will make a revolution in the payments using mobile devices. However, it has been almost a year, and things are there. Recently launched in the UK Apple Pay has caused a lot of issues. Smartphones have not yet replaced is not something that cash, but even credit cards. And it seems unlikely that the situation will change soon.

2015: “Gold” MacBook

The first of the most controversial decisions 2015 12-inch MacBook. Very light, incredibly crisp and bright screen, able to work independently from a fully charged battery up to 10 hours. This ultrabook is supposed to be the best choice for all those who need fast mobile computer. However, Apple has managed periproctitis.

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Most reviewers noted this laptop unusually low set keys with unprecedented slow speed. A little bit more and you could just replace the buttons on the touch screen. Get used to this, of course, possible. But it will take time. The problem is that the MacBook is primarily considered as a working tool, and each new model I want to just go and start to use just as the former is not getting used and not pereuchivali. Right to continue to perform normal everyday tasks.

The second and perhaps the biggest drawback of the 12-inch MacBook — its the only connector for charging and external devices like monitor, wired mouse, USB drives and external DVD drive, if anyone still remembers what that is. The problem is not only USB-C, but rather in its newness. At the time of release MacBook to laptop without any special tricks and special adapters, it was impossible to even connect some device from Apple. What can we say about the periphery of the third party.

2015: public complex iOS 9

After reading the first beta versions of iOS 9 again talking about borrowing from Apple Android and some third-party applications. Split view on the iPad suddenly the realization a long time ago available on LG and Samsung devices multitasking with the simultaneous output of multiple Windows. Siri has got support of preinstalled apps on the way Google Now. Application Apple Maps in some cities supports a combined navigation and tells you how to reach your destination by public transport — and it is also we have already seen on Google maps.

However, the problem is not even that, and in the opening of the early beta versions of iOS 9 everyone. Before “raw” operating systems were available only to developers, usually carefully reading the user agreement before installing or at least understanding the internal structure of a new software product and process debugging. This implies a condescending attitude to the fact that some of the functionality is not available, errors occur, the battery will drain in a matter of hours and even minutes.

Ordinary citizens do not read or understand the provisions of the user agreement, demonstrated before the coveted installation, impatiently shrugging everything is OK, click, and we face a lot of problems. All the troubles, of course, blame Apple, and for some time now — and even third-party developers who publish their “non-working” apps in the App Store.

Not being aware of the principles of operation of the new operating system and not knowing that 8.4 installed on the application may not start or work correctly on 9.0, device owners are not shy to put applications minimum assessment, complementing their spiteful comments to the developers and copyright owners. Applications will certainly be improved, bugs fixed. But this will happen not earlier than get a pre-release version of iOS Gold Master. Because the optimization program or game under beta 2 or beta 3 does not guarantee the normal startup and normal operation on the final iOS adaptation of applications for every beta requires many resources unwisely.

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Open beta for everyone, Apple has exposed not only themselves but also their partners, not forgetting to collect royalties.

2015: Apple Watch

It seems that even before the start of sales and the official confirmation of the development, has been said about the clock as much as anything about any other Apple gadget. Such interest was not the first iPhone in 2006 and 2007, nor to the iPad in 2009 and 2010.

The presentation of the Watch was a huge success. From the stage, the audience was shown how to use hours, you can take the call or read the message. Even answer text! Navigation, sports apps, health — all this is also possible on the next “revolutionary” platform, was greeted with universal enthusiasm. One of the most interesting features — locate your phone using the clock: “It rings, even if it is in silent mode!”

The number of pre-orders several times exceeded the production capacity of the Apple. An hour later, after opening the Watch page on the shop site company orders were taken only two months in advance.

However, just weeks after the start of sales of the hype has passed. According to the company Slice, Apple sells in the US for about 20,000 hours per day and on some days of the sale do not exceed 10 000 pieces per day. For comparison: during the week after the release of Apple Watch to the market on 10 April, the company sold 1.5 million devices, or an average of 200,000 units per day.

Someone Apple Watch just got bored. Not enough useful apps, and use them far more convenient on your smartphone. About the success or failure of the gadget will become clear after Apple will officially announce the results of sales of new products.

What’s next?

From the product perspective, 2015 will not be called the best year for Apple. Evil tongues say that Apple has embarked on the track of Microsoft, which over time produces not very good Windows. This year, if we follow this logic, from Cupertino nothing outstanding is not worth waiting. But 2016 should please.

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