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Three easy ways to free up space on iPhone

Lack of free space for storing content — a common issue for all smartphone users. Hundreds of users expressed their outrage on Twitter at the beginning of the year, when it turned out that to install the iOS upgrade will require about 6 GB. If you are constantly faced with the warning of insufficient memory on your iPhone, there are three simple and fast way to free him.

Go to iCloud

You know how much memory is “eat” apps and services? Probably a lot more than you expected. Go to Settings > General > Storage and iCloud, where you must select “Manage”. After a while you will see a list of all applications that occupy memory.

If the majority of the space is spent for storing snapshots, the solutions can be iCloud photo Library. Cloud-storage service allow you to upload high-resolution images to Apple servers.

Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive also offer a similar solution, though transparent integration between iCloud photo Library and Apple’s iOS operating system gives it an advantage over competitors.

Moreover, any cloud service sinhroniziruete photos and videos between all your devices, including Mac, iPhone, iPad and Moreover, the editing of the file is also synchronized between the gadgets, so if you cut off the video on the computer, the edited version will also be available on the smartphone or tablet. Cancel is also possible on any device.

Full size files will be uploaded to the company’s servers, and the function “Optimize storage” will determine what size is best suited for your machine. If free space runs out, the system will replace the original image files with lower resolution, starting with the oldest photos.

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Clearing the cache

Usage statistics iPhone shows that podcasts, weight, which initially is 13.6 MB, later is 5 or more GB.

To see how much internal memory the application uses, you can by clicking on it in the list and looking at the line “Documents and data”. Under “Podcasts”, you can configure automatic deletion of played podcasts and manually delete the previously downloaded files by clicking on the three dots to the right of the name and selecting the appropriate action.

It is also recommended to clear the browser cache. To do this, go to Settings > Safari > Clear history and website data, and then confirm the action.

Go to Settings > Messages, you can configure the period of time over which this will be deleted old messages is 30 days or a year.

Disable storing HDR images

Support for HDR-shooting is a very useful function in the camera device. As the name implies, it adds a wider dynamic range, that is, finds a balance of light and shadow in the image. This can be very useful in low light conditions.

Unfortunately, the iPhone and saves standard photo and HDR version, and as a result, the memory is clogged duplicated images. To disable this feature, go to Settings > Photo & camera and turn off the option “Leave original”.

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