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Apple urged Obama to cancel bookmarks on iPhone

The attempts of Barack Obama and the FBI legally obligate the smartphone manufacturers to embed bookmarks for special services in the encryption algorithms were criticized Apple and Google. IT Corporation has written to the President of the United States the appropriate letter in which the authors — and that representatives of more than 140 leading technology companies in the U.S. – asked Obama to give up trying to hold a controversial bill through the Senate, given that the decision, taken under pressure from the FBI and other intelligence agencies, is wrong. It will lead to a significant weakening of the U.S. and global cybersecurity and leave ordinary citizens defenseless to hackers.

In a letter to Apple notes that strong encryption is the cornerstone of the modern information economy.”

For the US, it is true, because from the credibility of American communication technologies directly influence the sales of those same smartphones and cloud services, and the development of national legislation of different countries, which may prevent us companies to freely sell their products.

The text of the letter was available to The Washington Post and has caused a wide public resonance, reminding the society about the first performances of FBI Director James Komi following statements about Apple introducing a system of encryption for iPhone, which even she herself is not able to open. In those statements, he accused the California-based giant that it creates for the citizens of the conditions that put them above the law. That intelligence agencies for a long time themselves put themselves above the law, the Director somehow forgotten.

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After the disclosure by Edward Snowden of the details of global surveillance of the national security Agency of the USA in 2013 statement by the Director of the FBI that the security of citizens from terrorists need the same zealous protection as the citizens ‘ right to secrecy of personal correspondence, provoked a skeptical response. However, despite this, the proposal was sent to the legislature.

U.S. intelligence agencies, according to the information Snowden has repeatedly allowed the diversion of collected databases of compromised user accounts, including high-ranking officials, journalists, etc., as well as information about vulnerabilities in network protocols and software to international criminal groups and foreign intelligence services, thus endangering the citizens and businesses around the world.

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