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Sales of iOS devices for the first time surpassed sales Windows-PC

Sales of iOS devices has exceeded the total sales of Windows-based computers, said on Wednesday the analyst firm Asymco.

In July 2015 the number of installations of Apple OS reached the level of Windows, and by the end of the year ahead. Thus it happened, even if you count only implemented mobile iOS devices, excluding the Mac.

By calculations of analysts, in 2004 computers on the Windows platform were sold around the world 182,5 million. This is 56 times more than Mac realized. Peak in 2011 it sold 344 million Windows PC. Then sales gradually declined, which was due to market saturation and dissatisfaction with Windows users, in 2013 this indicator amounted to 309 million in 2014 – about 300, and last year – “only” 275 million Shipments of Mac computers last year amounted to about 18 million. Thus, at the moment the PC superior to Mac in almost 15 times.

At the same time, if you count the sales of iOS devices, at the expense of the brand Apple, you can record 290 million devices sold last year. Sales of the company’s products continue to grow, so products based on iOS became the leaders and ahead of the technique on a software platform Windows.

Android still the leader among operating systems. But it is important to note that devices running iOS are available only manufacturer, whereas Android is a platform used by hundreds of different brands.

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