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Apple registered FCC a mysterious device with Bluetooth and NFC

Apple have registered with the Federal communications Commission (FCC) unknown gadget that supports wireless interfaces NFC and Bluetooth. This is the third model of the mysterious device that is not officially presented to the public.

The American authorities have certified a new device , Apple has received internal model A1845 room. According to experts, none of the existing gadgets, the company does not meet this number, although in January of this year Apple have certified a device with model number А1846, and in September of last year, under the number A1844 with the same parameters.

Was in the FCC document says that the device consumes from 100 to 700 mA with a voltage of from 5.5 to 13.2 V that corresponds to the characteristics of the Apple TV (920 mA and 12 V). The detailed specs is not disclosed due to privacy policy of the manufacturer.

How Apple plans to use this device, is unknown. The gadget can be a hardware that supports iBeacon technology, which allows interfacing various devices operating system iOS.

If so, then the mysterious device is designed to operate retail stores of the company and will not be available. The iBeacon technology allows the transmission of data between wireless “beacons” and gadgets that support Bluetooth. For example, it can act as a location service and provide the user with contextual information.

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