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The largest developer of wireless charging Powermat announced support for the iPhone 8

In February of this year, Apple joined the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) is one of the largest organizations developing standards for wireless charging, backed by rumors that the upcoming iPhone 8 can be recharged “on the air”. Today, the largest developer of wireless solutions Powermat announced plans to release products compatible with the new Apple smartphones.

“Given the recent news that Apple has joined the Consortium Wireless Power company Powermat is pleased to announce that it is ready to support the iPhone regardless of which Protocol you choose Apple,” the company said.

Powermat charging stations are used in more than 12 000 public locations such as Starbucks and more than a million GM vehicles.

Currently Apple is among the 213 members of the Wireless Power Consortium, together with Asus, HTC, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Samsung and Sony. Magnetic resonance technology that can charge mobile gadgets in the air, is one of the most promising to date. The most common Qi standard, which is responsible for developing, WPC for inductive energy transmission to a distance of 4 cm.

If the rumors prove true, it would mean that to fill battery iPhone 8 will need to put on a special charging pillow. In this case, Apple probably won’t include charger in the package. Make it optional accessory and will sell separately.

Moreover, support for Qi in the next iPhone, likely to be incomplete. As you know, Apple already uses a modified version of the standard WPC wireless charging for smart watches Apple Watch, but it makes it impossible to use third party Qi chargers.

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