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Apple lost the appeal and must pay $450 million for conspiring with book publishers

Apple lost the appeal and now will pay $450 million to settle allegations of collusion with publishers concerning inflated prices for e-books. This decision was made by court of appeal judge Debra Ann Livingston.

Unlike Amazon, Apple makes enough money selling iPhone and iPad directly. In the first case, all profits are based mainly on selling content and services to the ultimate consumer, the very same piece of hardware serves as the “client” to launch the add and tool for fostering people to brand the Amazon services. But in the Apple, of course, do not stop the content, one of the good articles of the income is the ebook iBooks Store, where anyone can buy the book, subscribe to the newspaper or magazine.

Around book catalog Apple scandal, due to the fact that the company inflated the price of the book, earning “in excess” of what was the conflict resolved in the pretrial order. It became known that the iPhone maker has agreed to pay as damages $450 million, and before the court has given preliminary approval. Part of the sum will go to the judiciary – about $50 million as a fine and compensation, and the remainder is distributed between users, pereplavleni for content.

The U.S. justice Department sued Apple and the publishers Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, Hachette, Macmillan and Penguin suit in April 2012, accusing them of colluding to fix prices for electronic books in the online store iBooks Store in the USA. In 2013 the court ruled that Apple as part of this conspiracy violated the antitrust laws.

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This is the solution Apple has tentatively agreed to pay $450 million, and this decision was upheld by the court of appeal.

Now Apple has to pay almost half a billion dollars, which, however, will constitute only about 1% of the company’s revenue for the last fiscal year. Previously, the publishing industry has already paid on the same claim of $166 million compensation to buyers of e-books.

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