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Apple is working on voice search the music for the new Apple TV

The fourth generation of set-top boxes Apple TV 4, as was announced earlier, a full entertainment centre and supports voice assistant Siri. However, the capacity of personal assistant on the device is not yet implemented in full.

The ability to search for content with voice commands is one of the most useful features of the new Apple TV. Now that Apple has added search movies or shows, she works to ensure that Siri could search and music. In the beginning of 2016 set-top box owners will be able to search for music in Apple’s Music with his voice.

All this means that it is now in remote control Apple TV you can say something like “insert the latest album from U2” — and you will sparkle with a new album of Irish musicians. This function will turn the device into a real music player with voice control.

Apple hopes that by launching voice search for Music on the Apple TV console, it will be able to increase the number of subscribers to its music service. At the moment, the service signed about 6.5 million people. This is a very significant figure, but she’s still not up to industry giant Spotify, which has 20 million paying subscribers and 55 million free.

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