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Apple is developing a revolutionary sensor to measure blood sugar levels

Apple more than 5 years leading the development of innovative optical sensor capable of measuring blood sugar without breaking the skin. On it informs TV channel CNBC. The idea to develop the device belonged to the founder of the Corporation Steve jobs.

In an atmosphere of secrecy, Apple is working to create a device for contactless measurement of level of glucose in the blood. As it became known, the company signed contracts with a group of engineers-biomedical, which together with the employees of the company engaged in the development of new technologies in the treatment of diabetes a number of other companies engaged in research in the natural Sciences, have attempted to develop a similar device, but to do this failed.

The project of Apple for diabetics — development of optical sensors that can “Shine through” the skin to measure glucose levels. Currently, the measurement of the glucose level in blood in a contactless manner impossible for the operation of the meter need a blood sample. Besides, according to interlocutors of the edition, the new device is expected to read and other “vital” for diabetics readings — heart rate and level of blood oxygen saturation.

In the Apple think that the device can be combined into a single product with the Apple Watch.

The idea of creating such a device belongs to Apple founder Steve jobs, and the efforts for its development, the Corporation is taking at least five years. According to one of the interlocutors of the channel, about 30 people worked on this task a year ago. Team working with the measurement of glucose is mentioned in the report of the senior Vice President of hardware technologies at Apple johnny Srouji.

The sides CNBC said that at present, a group of specialists in bioengineering, is working on this project in a secret laboratory in Palo Alto, California.

The interviewed market participants believe that the development will stimulate other medical research, as well as will lead to the creation of a market for the production and sale of contactless gauging the level of glucose in the blood.

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