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Opinion: the anniversary of the iPhone 8 should impress the users because Apple is waiting for the fate of Nokia

Few people would argue with the fact that Apple is beginning to lag behind competitors in terms of design. The main argument of the opponents is very simple – the usual screens in smartphones is no surprise, in a year everyone will use in their handsets frameless or curved displays. So, the “Apple” the company is again playing catch-up.

In 2013, Apple came close to this failure: the Corporation has not considered market conditions and presented a 4-inch flagship. Android competitors by that time had fully mastered the 5-inch format, so the iPhone 5s looked quite finely on the background of the Samsung Galaxy S4, LG G2, and afterwards Google Nexus 5. Then future US President Donald trump even sold the company’s shares, it is specifically stating the reason: “stupid the unwillingness of Apple to increase the screen”.

The situation escalated, and Tim cook had to feed the journalists with leaks. Insides appear as if by accident, but in fact the company was preparing to move to the big screen.

The tactic worked — the audience got a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and satisfied, and hitch is tied to the fact that Steve jobs despised the phone numbers that are difficult to manage with one hand. Simply put, the lag was blamed on loyalty to tradition. Was a great night and beautiful — especially that of the enlarged iPhone really liked it.

Four years have passed, and Apple was in a similar situation. If then, in 2013, the obsolescence of the iPhone is apparent in the display size, now the problem is the frame thickness around the perimeter of the screen. Here, the covenants of Steve jobs is already covered.

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Thin (or even invisible) framework has many manufacturers, Xiaomi, LG, Sony, HTC, Samsung and mnoh other brands. The situation is quite sad: Apple’s design has drastically aged. This happens if a long time not to update the design.

Can Apple once again take the long-familiar tools and create with them something bright and unusual? Early company it was possible, but the latest devices like the Apple Watch or the iPad Pro is slightly tainted her reputation. Not even because it was frankly bad or unsuccessful. And just for the reason that there is nothing revolutionary about them.

According to rumors, the anniversary of the iPhone 8 will consist of one continuous screen with integrated Touch ID and will look so that designers Xiaomi Mi Mix starts to sprinkle ashes on his head. Many people dream about the case with self locking and invisible to the eye connectors. I hope that “eight” will be the first bendable smartphone. If something like this happens, blame Apple for “copying Samsung” to anybody and in a head will not come. But if all will show the company is the smartphone with a thinner frame around the screen, then Tim cook will collect all the cones. And deservedly so.

For millions of people worldwide in the mobile electronics there is a God, who year after year performs miracles. In spite of everything: to analysts, actions of competitors, the habits of the core audience. And forgiving and will forgive anything, because the gods by human standards are not judged. But all this will continue as long as it does not allow to doubt its divine nature. If miracles are over, God immediately declared a heretic-an impostor, a liar, basely took someone else’s place. But their fate was sad all the time.

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