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IOS 11.2 impact on the work Face ID

After the installation of iOS version 11.2, released 2 December 2017, many iPhone X noticed that the Face ID feature stopped working. About it reports the edition 9to5Mac.

The exact number of iPhone X, on which the problem occurred is unknown. Perhaps the problem is periodic in nature and may suddenly appear even on seemingly good device.

The error is pretty simple to fix. Apple representatives recommend that owners of the flagship iPhone when problems are detected in Face ID to restart the phone. If a problem with the facial recognition system user will not disappear after several reboots, you need to contact Apple support.

Because of the “error of December” of the Corporation from Cupertino had to release an update in an unusual time in the weekend to fix critical faults. Perhaps the haste effect on the quality of the updates that led to the emergence of new bugs.

During the week 27 November — 3 December 2017 have already been identified three serious problems in the operating systems of Apple. The first vulnerability discovered was the ability to get administrator rights on a computer any Mac user.

Despite the many problems, Apple quickly released updates that may eventually become more reliable.

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