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Apple iPhone 7 Plus – your best companion in the Brazilian carnival [video]

In Brazil, the famous carnival takes place, which will encompass the entire country within weeks. In Rio de Janeiro, the prefect (mayor) Eduardo Pais has solemnly handed over the keys of the city to carnival king Momo, who issued the first and only decree: “All fun!”.

Apple has decided to celebrate the carnival in Brazil new promotional video “My block on the street – Filmed on an iPhone 7 Plus”. “The beauty and joy of the carnival will become even more significant with the new portrait shooting mode on the iPhone 7 Plus”, – noted in the company.

The main events of the festival in Brazil – the competitive performances of the Samba schools. At the appointed time column of the school, consisting of several thousand people and significant platforms of the carnival with dancing and singing parade will be held, revealing the main theme of his speech.

Festive events will be held in many cities of Brazil. Cities among the festive crowd slow dvigatsya trucks, transformed into the stage with a powerful sound equipment, which are the popular singers and musicians.

Particularly in this respect differs the city of Recife (state of Pernambuco), which is famous crowded carnival columns, so-called blocks. Block the “Morning rooster”, which involved more than 1.7 million people, even entered the Guinness Book of records.

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