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5 of the most annoying features of the iPhone

People who spend long hours with their mobile devices. IPhone users appreciate the device for its reliability, convenience and huge number of interesting applications. But sometimes the “Apple” gadgets irritates their owners, making them an unfavorable impression. Some of the annoyances can stay in the past with the release of the next version of iOS in the autumn, on the other hand, may have to be tolerated further.

Ultra fast fingerprint iPhone 7

The best is the enemy of the good. Introducing the latest generation of smartphones is the Touch ID sensor of the second generation Apple ruined familiar to many users way of working with gadgets. Now iPhone owners not as used to open the lock screen by pressing the Home button. The fingerprint scanner works too fast and instead of the lock screen with a clock and a button to start the camera we can see the desktop. Users have to Dodge and press the button with the tip of your finger to see the time.

The volume indicator on the split-screen

If you try to turn up the volume on your iPhone or iPad playing games or watching TV series, then the entire screen POPs up a huge window showing the volume level and spanning the whole image. Why is the window so big? Some applications, such as YouTube, trying to deal with it, substituting their own small display, but for the vast majority of applications it is not. What was this inherently useless animation in the center of the screen? Of course, the problem can be solved using various tricks and install the jailbreak, but it is not the most elegant way. Place the volume indicator is clearly in the status bar. It is hoped Apple will fix this in iOS 11.

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Managing icons on the desktop

A process and a way to move apps between home screens – real torture. But if you want to move multiple icons from the last screen on the first – it will be for you a real misery. To do both will not work. Either collect all the icons in one folder, or move one at a time. Often moving to a new home screen app replacing long-entrenched. And it all starts again. Why is this so nothing has been done in the ten editions of iOS?


A major component of Apple ecosystem iCloud cloud storage has little in common with similar services of competitors. The same Dropbox and Google Drive offer a series of much more useful features for working with files and multimedia content. Unfortunately, with this iCloud still has problems.


When you connect your iPhone or iPad to iTunes, we can observe the status bar that shows the amount of free and used memory in the content categories, including “Other”. The latter often occupies a significant portion of free memory. To know what is in this section, problematic. Here comes a lot of different data: settings, Siri voices, system data, and cached files that are stored when listening to streaming music, watching videos or photos.

If you look at the similar statistics on an iOS device, the system will distribute the cached media files for the relevant sections. That is why information about used memory in a certain type of content on the device and in iTunes can be different. Why Apple still has not offered a simple way to get rid of junk files and reduce “Other”?

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