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Apple iOS 9 has authorized the use of advertising blockers for Safari

In iOS 9 has the API to block advertising content in Safari. With it, developers will be able to produce its own advertising blockers to combat pop-UPS, banners and other content on the web pages.

The specified file extension can use a JSON file in Safari, which contains the necessary triggers to lock the content of a certain type. In the development environment Xcode already has a template for such extensions — for developers only need to add the necessary triggers and actions.

Safari in the first test the iOS version received 9 new section “Rules of blocking content. At the moment there is reported the following:

“Rules blocking content is not configured. Rules blocking content affect what content will load in Safari.

Apparently, the expansion will only affect the performance of brand browser Apple and will not affect the display of advertisements in other apps, including the possibility of using advertising network iAd.

Now the App Store has several apps for blocking ads, but there is no single universal. For example, AdBlock Browser is a dedicated browser, and Weblock works only on Wi-Fi.

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