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A comparison of official prices for iPhone in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

Since late October, Apple started sales in Ukraine and Belarus the flagship smartphone, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The gadgets have become available in a metal housing gold and silver colors, the colors “gray space”, as well as in a new color “pink gold”. Ukrainians and Belarusians finally got the opportunity to buy a legally imported “Apple” gadgets.

MacDigger decided to compare the cost of Apple smartphones in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. We used the prices in the Russian online Apple store, authorized reseller of company products on the territory of Ukraine store the Belarusian reseller For convenience, the currency of neighbouring countries has been translated into rubles at the exchange rate on December 19.

The comparison revealed that residents of Ukraine and Belarus buy official iPhone is much more expensive, than in Russia. In our country 16-Gigabyte iPhone 6s is 57 000 rubles, in Ukraine – 70 450 rubles (23500 USD), in Belarus – 70 000 rubles (18 mln Belarusian rubles). This high-end smartphone from Apple in a maximum configuration (128 GB) rate in RF in 75 000 rubles, in “independence” – to 92 000 rubles (30 to 600 USD), Belarus – 91 200 rubles (23.5 million Belarusian rubles). On average flagship phone of Apple were lower by 10 to 20 thousand rubles.

The price difference on the iPhone 6 is no less impressive. So, the most affordable iPhone 6 in Russia is offered for 45 000 rubles, in Ukraine – 59 000 (19 700 UAH), in Belarus – 58 000 rubles (15 million rubles). As for iPhone 5s model with 16 GB of memory in a Russian shop worth 37 000 rubles, and in Ukraine – 46 000 (15 300 UAH). In Belarus to buy the iPhone 5s it is most advantageous, here he asked for 31,000 rubles (8 million Belarusian rubles).

With what is connected such a tangible difference in the iPhone price, hard to say. The cost of smartphones Apple directly regulates together with authorised distributors in the countries. And must comply with all authorized partners of the company. The price for any goods is formed taking into account taxes, cost of delivery, conditions of the contract with the supplier and other factors.

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