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Chronopay moved to Russia personal data of Russian citizens

Processing company Chronopay has transferred the personal data of their Russian clients in Moscow center DataPro data storage, belonging to the family of the former President “Rosneft” Sergey Bogdanchikov. This is reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to sources close to one side of the transaction.

To store and process the personal data of Russian s in Russia require amendments to the law “On personal data”, effective September 1, 2015 Under the personal refers to all data on Russian citizens, which are used when registering on websites, shopping online, sending e-mail messages etc.

Chronopay is engaged in the processing of online payments using plastic cards. The company now has about 1,500 Russian companies (among them, according to information on the website Chronopay, – MTS and “Transaero”) and for the processing of their payments in the Russian data center it took about five server racks, said the representative of Chronopay Denis Dunaskin. According to him, since Сhronopay was founded in 2003 in Holland and the first customers were European companies, its server capacity has historically been there. From servers in Europe and USA, the company is not relieved, intending to use them for purposes not connected with the data processing of the Russians, the report said Chronopay.

Although direct clients Chronopay are legal persons to whom the personal data act does not apply, the Chronopay server handle banking transactions of their customers, individuals, explains Dunaskin. These transactions and contain personal data, he says.

The Chronopay CEO Alexei Kovyrshin calls the transfer of personal data of Russian clients mandatory work in Russia. In addition, the data migration has reduced transaction processing for two seconds, that is essential for business wire transfers, rejoices Kovyrshin.

However, after the transfer of the personal data of Russian customers in the data center This Friday, August 7th, a few big clients Chronopay reported stop processing, but the engineers for the hour restored access. According to him, technical glitches when moving is inevitable, but because the transfer of personal data of Russians in domestic data centers is needed, companies have to fight with them.

In June it was reported that Samsung brings to Russia personal data of Russian citizens to comply with legal requirements. The company will also place them in the Moscow data center company DataPro. In April, representatives from Google, eBay and PayPal confirmed that they are ready to store personal data of Russians in Russia. Apple has already held consultations with the Roskomnadzor, but comments on this are not provided.

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