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Apple has registered in Rospatent a new feature Tapback

Apple filed to the Federal service for intellectual property application for registration of a new trademark “Tap Back”. It is reported Agency city news “Moscow”, who has a copy of the relevant documents.

“Please register the claimed designation as a trademark (service mark) in the Federal service for intellectual property. The verbal designation Tapback (TAMBAK) – invented the word,” reads the proposal from Apple Inc.

Function Tapback allows users to quickly respond to messages from friends, family members and colleagues a quick tap on the symbols of “thumbs-up”, “heart”, “exclamation mark” and so on, by analogy with “likes” in social networks.

“Tapback is an easy way to quickly reply to a received message, for example to send an image of hands with raised or lowered thumb. Quick reply Tapback can also be added to the message which is already sent. Quick reply Tapback is attached to a specific message in the conversation, and all participants in the conversation can see it”.

Previously, Apple filed applications for the registration of Tap function Back to the patent authorities of Europe and Hong Kong. To review the Russian division of Apple has not yet succeeded.

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