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Apple invests $1 million in the production of electricity using sea waves

Apple plans to invest $1 million in the project to obtain electricity. To generate electricity, it is proposed to use the energy of ocean waves.

The company from Cupertino intends to invest a million dollars in a project aimed at the production of electricity from sea waves. According to unofficial data, the project will participate the renewable energy Agency of Ireland.

It is expected that money will be spent on research and experiments using specially designed installations which enable to use the energy of water in the seas, and convert it into electricity.

Currently, Apple’s executives plans to create two new data centers in Europe. These projects will require almost $2 billion One of the objects will be placed in Ireland. It will start up in 2017. This data center needs to receive wave energy from plants, which are located in Galway Bay.

Earlier media reported that in November 2014 in Russia, in the Primorsky territory, began operating in the first RF wave power. Work is carried out on the use of tidal energy, currents and waves. The station was built on the Peninsula Gamow.

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