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Apple has patented a particularly strong glass for the iPhone and iPad

According to Patently Apple, may 31, Apple published a new patent application. It describes double-strength glass for portable electronic devices, such as iPhone and iPad.

The patent States about the invention that would work as a cover for the screen. It can be applied to the display of the gadget, either for a body that also needs protection. Theoretically, this will really make phones and tablets more resistant to drop and crackle.

“Transparent the product can be superimposed on part of the housing of the portable electronic device and to provide protection” –describes a patent Apple. “It is also possible to attach to the screen of the portable electronic device to ensure greater safety”.

One of the features that describes the company, finned design. This means that the protective layer can be designed with cross-connecting of optical fiber, thereby reinforcing glass and helping to prevent cracking.

Interestingly, a component of the cover for the screen may be sapphire. Previously, Apple used the sapphire glass lens only for iPhone and displays some of the Apple Watch. It seems that the company decided to extend the application of precious stone.

Regardless, if the patented technology in reality, Apple engineers are thinking about how to make the devices more durable.

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