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Legendary quest “Siberia 2” was translated into Russian language

The App Store debuted a new release of the game “Siberia 2” — the second Chapter of an exciting and original story, created by Belgian artist coexista and game designer benoît Sokal. In October on the iPhone and iPad became available to the original project, and now a localized version for English-speaking users.

For the first time “Siberia 2” was released for Windows in spring 2004 and in autumn of the same year made it to the Xbox and PlayStation 2. In continuation of a famous new York lawyer Kate Walker and her eccentric companion of Hans Vorarlberg travel in search of the mysterious island Sibiria, inhabited by mammoths. As in the first part, the second player controls the heroine, collects items and solves puzzles by using traditional point-and-click. At the time, the game was warmly received by the press, although some journalists have criticized for its short duration and “throwaway”.

In the original “Siberia” you can also play on mobile devices, not only iOS devices but also on Android. She came out at the end of last year. “Siberia” is available in English on Apple devices, and smartphones and tablets with Android.

As you know, the ending of the second part contains a hint of a sequel, but in one interview, 2008 Benoit Sokal said that the series will never be a trilogy. April fool’s announcement of Syberia 3 c cross-platform co-op for the PC and PlayStation 3 made the following year, however, was the drawing only partially — Microids in fact intended to begin the development of a third game. However, due to lack of funding work on the project began only a few years later thanks to the company Ahuman Interactive, Microids purchased the Studio in 2010.

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We also add that the mobile adaptation of the classic adventure games were very popular. “The first part of “Siberia” in Russian was released on Android in September 2014-th year, and later, in February of 2015, the game is called for iOS, and currently sales of more than 65 000 copies,” said “Buck”.

Set “Siberia 2” will be available to all owners of iPhone and iPad devices with iOS 7.0 or later. The game requires 1.44 GB of free space on the flash drive. Download “Syberia 2” at this link.

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