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The developers of WhatsApp have hidden the phrase “fuck apple” in your application code

In the code, the popular mobile messenger WhatsApp found the phrase “fuck apple”. Hard-hitting phrase found the developer under the nickname xMarioZ.

The phrase “fuck apple” is found many times in code the Android version of the app and probably intentionally left by the creators of the messenger as a letter to the Californian giant. “But let’s believe that there is no conflict between the two companies,” writes TheNextweb.

XMarioZ found the phrase in APK. Is the installation file of the apps for the Android operating system (similar to. MSI in WIndows). It is required to install apps not found in Google Play.

The user in the Network assume that the developers of WhatsApp have responded to the stringent demands of the App Store to publish the application. “Apparently, programmers had to rewrite a large amount of information due to some Apple rules” – suggested original_4degrees.


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