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Apple is in talks with operators about the launch of new cards e-SIM

After the start of sales of the iPad Air 2 it became known that the device uses a SIM card, which allows the user to choose between several operators. This SIM card is only available to residents of the US and the UK, however, as it became known, Apple is in talks with operators about the new universal project called “e-SIM”.

In the Apple want to solve the problem of having to change the SIM card when switching to a new provider, and as a solution I propose to use e-cards. Card e-SIM will not be available to users physically, but will make it very easy to switch between operators. To change the provider or tariff, will not have to visit a salon operator, it will be enough to go to the appropriate section of the iPhone settings.

For this map in e-SIM integrates the subscriber identification module, which will allow you to save user data when switching between cellular providers. Personal data SIM card can be encrypted, and eSIM storage card, the manufacturer intends to use different types of communication.

There is a serious factor limiting the possibility of implementing e-SIM the fears of some operators. It is understood that the tablet is one thing, the smartphone is quite another. On the iPad work in mobile networks is not very popular and even gradually decreases. Operators are doing everything to change that, but so far they have not obtained. In this situation, they are willing to take the risk, because to lose them almost nothing. At the same time, smartphones – is another matter, where the position of the operators is much stronger, and even Apple has no leverage to force them to forget about their own “widgets”. One of the obstacles – subsidies on the smartphone market in the U.S. and many other countries.

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According to the Financial Times, currently Apple is in talks about the project cards e-SIM with leading operators in the U.S. and Europe – Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Orange, Etisalat, Hutchison Whampoa, Telefónica. Adoption of the standard is expected in 2016, Apple is considering integrating e cards-SIM in the iPhone 7.

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