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Apple has extended the replacement program displays MacBook Pro with peeling anti-glare coating

In the fall of 2015 after numerous complaints, Apple has acknowledged the problem with the flaking anti-glare display MacBook Pro and launched a program to replace the displays. Today, the company has extended its action. To replace free anti-reflective coating for the Retina display by the owners of a 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro, released in the period from June 2012 to October 2017.

Apple has not publicly announced this fact, but confirmed information on request MacRumors. Tellingly, this program is not officially announced: the company isn’t posting any information on this problem. But the message for partners in the framework of the Apple Authorized Service Provider says that if there is evidence of delamination of the coating, the screen of the MacBook must be replaced free of charge. In that case, if the customer were replacing at their own expense, the cost should be compensated.

Under the effect of the program on the replacement screens are all the laptops released in the last five years. Its action decided to extend until October 16, 2017.

MacBook have a special anti-glare coating on the screen that lowers the level of reflection: the image is clearly at home and on the street. About the delamination of the coating became known in March 2015. The problem is that laptop screens can “lose” anti-glare layer, the result on the screen appear ugly stains. They are not only ugly, but also, depending on the location, make device.

Delamination usually occurs at points of contact of the screen with the keyboard in the closed position by friction. Although the Network has photos, which spots are present on the edges of the screen — i.e. in the region that does not touch the opposite side of the housing in the closed state. If two years ago on the website were collected almost 2,000 complaints “MacOS users”, but now the number has reached more than 9000.

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Complaints come from owners of MacBook Pro with Retina display 13 and 15 inch. In July 2015, the users petitioned to replace laptops with loose screens.

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