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The head of Tesla Elon Musk praised the design of the Apple Watch and called it a “bad idea” the development of electric Apple

On Friday in interview Handelsblatt the head of Tesla Elon Musk has criticized Apple, saying that the “Apple” company “cemetery staff”. According to him, transformed into the Apple specialists – these are people who are unable to Express themselves in Tesla, and so they were dismissed. Accordingly, the problem of “brain drain” Elon musk on this direction is not worried.

Today on Twitter it is a multiple of explained why he is not concerned about the release of Apple on the market of electric vehicles:

“Just look at the Apple Watch! No, seriously: it’s good that Apple is moving and making investments in this direction. But cars are very complicated compared to phones or smartphones. You can’t just walk up to the supplier like Foxconn and say: build me a car”, he said.

Musk is convinced that creating an electric car is much more complicated than the subject of consumer electronics. In the comments he added that no enemy of Apple, but only evaluates the potential of the company.

“I don’t hate Apple. This is a great company with many talented people. I like the food and I’m glad that they create the electric car,” said the businessman.

“As for the clock, johnny and his team offered a great design, but the functionality is not too large. Version 3.0 will probably be what you need,” he explained.

Musk, however, recognized that the creation of the Apple electric car could be the next logical step, providing innovative evolution. The media repeatedly pointed out that the Corporation from Cupertino really has been developing electric vehicle. If you believe the rumors, the company Tim cook finishes preparing for the test of the first prototype.

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Initially, Apple wanted to produce their own electric vehicles in the five years to 2020, Later appeared information about what the terms reduced by one year. Apparently, the company decided in whatever was ahead of its potential competitors, while at the same time to try as little as possible to keep up with those representatives of the automotive industry, which is already engaged in a battle for market share of electric vehicles.

Itself Tesla recently finally unveiled the long-awaited crossover in the electric actuator called the Model X.

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