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Apple has disabled more than 180,000 iPhone, renovated in informal service centers

More than 180,000 iPhone users who installed the iOS update 9.2.1, left without their smartphones. Such statistics leads the newspaper The Guardian, according to which the phones stopped working after gadgets repair in unauthorized service centers.

As mentioned earlier MacDigger, devices that have been repaired in the informal services that do not authenticate the originality in iTunes. With such a problem faced the owners of smartphones who repaired the fingerprint scanner Touch ID. Installing the 9.2.1 update iOS on these devices has resulted in the programme error 53, after which the devices ceased to give signs of life and has irrevocably taken all the data users.

As noted in the publication, after installing the update, your iPhone turns into a “brick” and it can not be repaired. In Apple claim that it is necessary to protect the data about the fingerprints of the users. Although the company did not warn its customers about the possibility of such an outcome.

“We provide data security fingerprint secure environment Secure Enclave, paired with Touch ID. When the iPhone repaired at an authorized service center Apple, in particular, are being replaced with Touch ID, the company re-calibrates the sensor to work with the OS. This ensures that the design and function of iOS requiring the use of biometric module continue to be protected. If iOS detects the absence of calibration, the iPhone for security purposes, disabled.

“Error 53″ message appears during the procedure of security check that is performed when restoring or updating smartphone. If a customer discovered this fatal error, we recommend that you contact Apple service center,” – said in a statement.

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Thus, when replacing the Touch ID in the iPhone is carried out by an authorized service center, re-connect the module to the operating system. However, when the procedure fails to produce, the device for security purposes, disabled.

Service founder of iFixit Kyle Vince believes that Apple is so unwilling to allow third parties to repair their gadgets. According to him, the company must provide users the ability to recalibrate Touch ID after repair. “If this issue will receive considerable attention, perhaps this problem has something to do,” concluded Vince.

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