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Apple has changed the search engine in Siri and Spotlight

Apple has changed the search provider for Siri and Spotlight. Now voice assistant uses Google data. About it reports the TechCrunch edition.

Up to this point, in Safari, Google served as the default search engine, and search queries to Siri and Spotlight were processed less popular Bing from Microsoft.

“The transition from Bing to Google will create a single, consistent user search experience to iOS and Mac, since this search service is already used in Safari by default,” reports Apple.

It is likely these changes are associated with the recent deal between the two companies. In the summer, Google paid Apple $ 3 billion to make them the main search engine in Safari on iOS and Mac.

Smart column HomePod, working with Siri, and will search for information in Google.

Bing was used as the main search engine in the Spotlight in 2014. In Siri he has worked since 2013.

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