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Apple released macOS High Sierra

On 25 September, as was expected, Apple has released the final version of the new platform macOS High Sierra. For the fifth time in the history of the company has given the update for free.

The fourteenth major update of the desktop operating system for Mac computers was presented at the event for developers in San Francisco in early summer. The new version of the OS did not bring the updates for the appearance of the platform and limited to the improvements on the level of functionality.

In particular, the developers have optimized the Safari browser, which the company calls the most productive in the world. 80% faster than Chrome. The Mail app adds support for full screen mode.

MacOS High Sierra a company switches to a new file system Apple File System (APFS). File system, which is based on iOS 10.3, will make the Mac more productive, the company said. APFS replaced the previous file system HFS Plus, which Apple first introduced back in 1998

Also, there are built-in codec support H. 265. It allows you to play in normal and streaming mode, the 4K excellent quality, occupying 40% less space than the existing H. 264 standard.

New API for graphics called Metal 2. It is used not only for graphics but also for Deep Learning. The last was simply called Metal, and worked 10 times slower. macOS High Sierra, based on the performance of Metal 2 and new Mac, now supports the ability to create virtual reality content, so developers can create Mac new games, 3D content, and the content of virtual reality.

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Additional improvement applications:

  • In Safari, you can automatically use mode Reader and open the article in an easy to read concise form, and the Autoplay function Blocking blocking automatic playing of audio media files in the browser.
  • Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari uses machine learning technology for detection and removal of data by which advertisers track user activity on the Internet.
  • Search in Mail is becoming faster and easier thanks to Top Hits: actual letters are at the top of the list.
  • The Siri voice on a Mac has become more natural and expressive, and when you use Apple Music voice assistant takes into account your preferences, creating appropriate playlists, and answering questions about music.
  • In the Notes added a simple table — the user can now type text in the cell, edit the table and move rows and columns.
  • In Spotlight, you can find flight details, including arrival time and departure, flight delays, flight information terminal or gate and even a map of your flight.
  • ICloud File Sharing allows you to share any file from iCloud Drive and opens up new possibilities of collaboration.

macOS High Sierra supports all Mac computers that are available macOS Sierra. You can download the update free via the Mac App Store.

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