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Apple extended up to 3 years replacement program Apple Watch with detached rear cover

Apple extended warranty repair smart watch Apple Watch is the first generation. This applies to failures removing the back cover of the wearable computer.

Over time even the most reliable and tested equipment may fail, and expensive gadgets fail. Here are some Apple Watch users, there are problems with the back cover sensors, which tends to come unstuck from the hull.

The term of the original limited warranty of the Apple Watch is one year. Guarantee for damage of this kind previously, and in the second year. Taking into account the innovations, the total warranty period is now three years.

“Apple has determined that under certain conditions on some Apple Watch models for the first generation back cover can be separated from the body. The company will conduct a free repair of the relevant devices. The warranty period of the Apple Watch with the damage will be 3 years from the date of purchase”, – quotes Bloomberg words of the representative of the company.

In the framework of warranty service Apple Watch in Cupertino undertake to repair the gadget, even if the warranty on a smart watch has already ended.

In April it became known that Apple extended the free repair of the Apple Watch is the first generation who have had problems with the battery.

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