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Snapper 2 allows you to select the screen of the iPhone and leave it on top of other Windows [Cydia]

Sometimes there is a need to take a picture of the screen, highlighting on the image only the necessary elements, objects, or fields. Well, while he remained on top of other Windows, for example, to make it easier to enter a password, filling data on web sites, or transfer in notes the information from the image. With the tweak Snapper 2 possible.

The native photo app iPhone and iPad has a feature called “Trim”. To use it you need to perform additional steps to launch the app, find the picture, choose the cropping tool etc the tweak Snapper 2 is intended to simplify the task of pruning the screenshots will remain on the screen.

The novelty provides for the establishment of a new Activator action. Set any gesture or command, for example triple click on the Home button. Further, the display of your gadget will slightly darken you can select the part of the picture. Rectangular frame shows the border – all that is outside the box will not get in the frame. Adjust it so that it was only the necessary elements: a password, credit card, important information from the correspondence in iMessage. Release the finger.

Selected image will be on top. You can navigate the menu, switch app – part of the screenshot will always remain on the screen. To move the frame to another location, just drag it by touching the field. Reduce or enlarge a picture you can and pinch. Snapper 2 allows the same method to add the second screenshot.

Crop image using a Snapper 2 allows simultaneously “to kill two hares”: to delete unnecessary parts from the frame and focus on the important elements. Upon completion of the selected piece of the screen can be saved to the iPhone memory, copied to the clipboard or send in a social network.

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Snapper 2 came out in Cydia this week. Tweak available in the BigBoss repository at a price of $1,45.

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