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The journalist went with the iPhone 7 Plus iPhone SE due to chronic pain in the hand

Can not imagine my life without a smartphone? All of us need to check emails, book a taxi, read latest news, chat with friends in social networks and messengers. Know that you are at risk, especially iPhone owners with the prefix “Plus”.

Well-known journalist and technologer Om Malik used the iPhone 7 Plus for 10 hours a day and as a result was forced to withdraw from the smartphone. Editing photos, publishing blog posts, correspondence, messengers, send email in the end, the doctors diagnosed him with “carpal tunnel syndrome”.

According to Malik, the last time he began to notice that he had frequent pain in the wrist and thumb of the left hand. He even woke up at night. The pain was so strong that he decided that he broke his arm. In fact, blogger used too much of his thumb on his iPhone 7 Plus, operating it with one hand, and as a result have developed “carpal tunnel syndrome”. Malik was forced to wear a prosthesis, and now he has the operation.

But the journalist refused iPhone. Instead, he decided to buy the model in compact. Now instead of the iPhone 7 Plus he now has an iPhone SE. According to Malik, he simply had no choice. He strongly dissatisfied “tiny” 4-inch display, the device but only so it can not strain your wrist and do not pull the thumb.

In fact, frequent use of the smartphone, constant texting or surfing the web can cause quite an unpleasant sensation in the hand and wrist, such as pain, tingling and numbness. A recent study showed that 54% of active smartphone users, those who spend “in the phone” more than three hours a day, are faced with carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Now Malik has to get used to the iPhone SE. According to him, with a compact smartphone, he lost his pleasure from watching sports matches and video on the big and qualitative screen. Besides iPhone SE is slower “seven” may not offer a portrait shooting mode and heats up during charging.

On your smartphone Malik does not use social networks except Instagram. Technologer left only programs that help deal with everyday life, as well as applications for image processing.

“The device is significantly slower than the iPhone 7 Plus, although I’m quite happy with Touch ID and decent camera – too bad there is no portrait mode. The smartphone gets very hot while charging and the screen is not good enough, like bigger phones. Surprisingly, a few years ago we were arguing whether the 4-inch screen is large and whether a problem with him. And now I complain,” writes Malik.

Sam Malik gives iPhone owners the only recommendation: don’t want to make carpal tunnel syndrome less use smartphone. He particularly appeals to parents of children, as pupils are much less able to control themselves and minimize the use of gadgets.

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