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Apple continues to hire executives in the division develop their own video service

Four head of Sony and WGN joined Apple to help the company with creating unique content and developing a new television service.

Among them were:

  • Kim Rosenfeld, former program Director of the Sony. Invited to Apple in a similar position.
  • Max Aronson, a former Vice-President of Sony Pictures Television. In the Apple he takes up the position of Executive Director of development, along with Zach Over a Hamburger and Jaime Erlayt, which was hired by Apple in January.
  • Ali Woodruff, former creative Director of Sony. Will work in conjunction with Aronson.
  • Rita Cooper, former head of the advertising Department of WGN America. Apple will take over the position of the management of a new internal communications Department.

According to the latest rumors, Apple plans to spend billions of dollars on creating unique video content. Next year the company will introduce several series and shows, including high-quality art project like “Game of Thrones”.

It is unknown if it will work with Apple to create something really worthy, because previous attempts were not successful. However, the company does not just hire professionals in the field of television, one by one. Perhaps it is thanks to them that the Apple will fall in line with HBO and Netflix in the future.

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