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A video appeared on the network in which you can see the “dummy” of the iPhone 11 – this is the name of the non-functional smartphone model, which allows you to evaluate the future appearance of a device that is not yet ready. The video was made on the basis of numerous rumors and leaks about what the September iPhone will look like. Users of the new gadget from Apple did not appreciate, calling it "the ugliest in history."
Several clips appeared on the network, where you can see how the iPhone 11 will look, which will be presented in the autumn of 2019. Of course, this is not a full-fledged gadget, but only a “dummy” without electronics, which allows to evaluate the appearance of the future device.

The video was made by enthusiasts based on rumors about what Apple will show at its annual September presentation.
So, it is expected that the "apple" company will immediately introduce three devices that will become full-fledged successors to the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.
One of the main differences of the conditional iPhone 11 from its predecessors will be the rear camera, which will be located on a convex square platform with rounded edges in the upper left corner. In this case, two premium models will receive a triple camera, and the budget option – only double.
Portal 9to5Mac, specializing in news about Apple, also published a video in which you can see how a square module with cameras can be implemented in practice. Users embraced innovation with bayonets, awarding the iPhone 11 with rather unflattering epithets.

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“I will skip the iPhone 11 until Apple comes up with a different camera design. This looks terrible, ”writes the user with the nickname Sparkel Hendricks.

"It's disgusting! Poor Steve Jobs … He would be furious if he saw it, ”agrees user Cthulhu Sleeps.
Another user noted that now he is not surprised why Apple left the company's chief designer Jonathan Ive in early July, because “products are becoming uglier.”
Also, users laugh at the cost of the iPhone, which is considered one of the highest in the market. Alex Smith encourages everyone to make money and warns that this design "will have to pay $ 1,400 or four buds."

The user crizzonet took a categorical position at all: “This is the ugliest iPhone ever”.
Some even believe that this gadget looks even worse than the "Donald Trump hairstyle."
However, there were also those who have no complaints about the speaker module with cameras.
“As for me, it looks fine. If he still takes good photos, then I don’t care at all, ”said user Cactus Tweeter. But such users are in the minority.

At the same time, foreign tech portals claim that the square platform will become a kind of trend among other manufacturers of smartphones. For example, the smartphone Pixel 4 from Google will have almost identical design.
At the same time, the intentions of manufacturers when using such a platform are clear. The fact is that the camera is one of the main criteria when choosing a smartphone. Companies are trying to improve the performance of cameras every year, and over time it becomes increasingly difficult to install advanced equipment on the gadget, given the slim body of modern devices.

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Conventionally, the better the camera, the more space it needs, and here comes the square platform. Foreign journalists are already comparing this module with a “mono-brow”, whose existence was also justified by the aim of introducing the Face ID face scanner, but at the same time it caused a storm of criticism.
“You took a monobrow.” Get ready to love the square module, ”says the portal Mashable.

The presentation of the new iPhone under the code number "11" will be held according to the tradition in September, and yet analysts are already making their predictions about the next-generation iPhones – those that will appear in 2020.
Analyst Min-Chi Kuo, known for his accurate predictions about Apple products, announced that in two years there will be two new iPhone models supporting fifth-generation (5G) communications that will succeed the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. In this case, the diagonal of the display of a small model will be not 5.8 inches, but 5.4 inches. Thus, the iPhone from the new line will decrease relative to its predecessors – the 5.8-inch screen has an iPhone X and an iPhone XS.

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