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If Apple became a manufacturer of bread

The lack of headphone Jack on the iPhone 7 has diverted all of the supporters and opponents of the new items from the conduct of another worm in overseas “Apple”. It turned out that the Corporation has deliberately grown a “EBITDA” (a measure equal to the volume of profit before deduction of expenses on interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) a rather dubious way, and certainly to bypass the competitors. Imagine what a blow for those who thought Apple is the focus of all clear, bright and clean. The epitome of progressive and retrograde antagonism.

To begin, a little explanation. EBITDA, according to Svpressa is an economic term, in a simplified sense means the income of the company before taxes. It is clear that every businessman through the books, trying to keep it in pristine condition, coming up with different “optimization”. “Optimization” here is the same euphemism as “moth” instead of “prostitute” when mangles to call a spade a spade.

Well, closer to the subject. There is in Northern Europe small and not too proud of the state of Ireland. When there rolled American Apple, happy all. The natives got “jobs” and “investment” conquistadors of business — new opportunities for his “EBITDA”.

What happened? Any Apple product sold in Europe, India, the middle East or West Africa were recorded at the expense of the Irish branch. Then all the money was transferred, supposedly the “head office” that existed only on paper. What is the focus? Congenial just — us law defines tax residents on their registration, and the Irish — where we manage.

That is where Apple said “we Irish,” and here — “we work in the United States.” The result is stunning — taxes have not seen anywhere else. No, some “penny” Apple singled out, otherwise absolutely difficult to explain the increasing capitalization and “zero balance”. But that “penny”! After all the calculations it turned out — in Ireland “Apple” was in fact paying 0,005% vs. at least 12.5% of all the others. I said “at least”, because the United States had to pay 35%. And you thought alone on the loyal consumers based financial success of Apple?

However, the most interesting is ahead. After the scandals in the Senate of the United States (American lawyers called the behavior of Apple’s “outrage of arrogance”) and the decisions of the European Commission “to pay,” Ireland 13 billion euros stolen “optimized” taxes, the government said, well, no we do not have.

It would seem, why such “gifts”? After all, the amount of compensation is rather big, that Ireland spends a year on its healthcare. We have all ears buzz about “advanced hospital” and “doctors ‘ salaries”, and there…

Apple Executive Tim cook is so happy: just don’t have — and for language nobody pulled so and will not pay. But why the natives took pity cook?

It’s not easy, but very simple. Speaking beautifully, creating jobs and financial investment are the basis of the Irish economic model. If without euphemisms, there is a fear — suddenly the cool uncle will be offended and leave, depriving us of the right to enrich it?

All know that the business is engaged exclusively in “creating jobs”. However, when they are even slightly threaten his profits, he has no regrets these places are free — but so far the logic somehow does not extend. The employer’s customary to thank for the very fact of working on it, Ireland has shown that it is not a bad thing for him it and even pay extra. And apparently there confuse investment with charity, when every invested penny is not offered, and “squeezed” with interest.

In this regard, it is necessary to Express special thanks to Apple for its sphere of activity. It is very good that the company does not produce bread, for example. Otherwise:

  • This bread would be three times more expensive counterparts.
  • Each slice would be Packed in a separate bag with logo.
  • This bread can be spread with just regular oil. More oil is not combined with speciality breads.
  • Each year the company would produce a new model of loaf that differs from the old only the packaging and price.
  • Many countries with such “survivors” would die from hunger, but continued with tears to thank him.
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