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Apple and Samsung meet again in court

At the next meeting of the representatives of the companies must agree on the amount of compensation, reports The Verge.

Lawyers for Apple and Samsung need to determine the date of the next hearing until October 25, 2017. It will be reconsidered the question of the amount of compensation that Samsung must pay Apple for patent infringement.

In 2012, the court ordered Samsung to pay Apple $ 1 billion. For the past five years Samsung lawyers appealed the sentence. In the end, they managed to reduce the amount of compensation to $ 400 million. At the new meeting, the amount of the payment will again be revised.

Initially, the decision was made on the basis of total profits Samsung received from sales of smartphones. Later, the U.S. Supreme court found this decision to be unfair. Now lawyers for Apple and Samsung will meet in court to challenge the decision.

The patent war between the two companies coming with 2011. In 2012, the court came to the conclusion that Samsung infringed six of Apple’s patents, including those relating to design elements of the smartphone.

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