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Google Photo does not show the latest pictures

Users of Android smartphones have begun to report issues in the Google Photos since the last update.

According to reports on the support forum of Google, pictures uploaded to the application after October 14 will not appear neither in mobile nor in desktop version of Google Photos. The photos are saved, because you can restore them on other devices and in cloud storage on Google Drive.

The problem affects users from different countries, and the disappearance of images from Google Photo does not concern a certain region. About the missing pictures tell the owners of Android smartphones from the United States, France and other countries.

At the moment Google has not commented on the incident. Users of the support forum saying that he sent the following query and was trying to figure out what to do with photos and how to get them back.

While Google has not received any explanation, to check for errors in a simple way — in the application will not display images uploaded after October 15.

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