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The calculator in iOS 11 have forgotten how to count

The standard iOS calculator 11 does not know how to count, too long animation. The bug was discovered by Reddit users.

If in the standard iOS calculator 11 to quickly perform various operations with numbers, the application will give the wrong answer. For example, assuming 1+2+3 he gives not 6, and 24.

The problem exists on all devices running iOS 11. The fact is that the calculator uses long animations, because of which the system fails to respond to the signs of operations. If you enter the examples with the slow speed, the application time to react to the action.

On Reddit has turned a big discussion because of the new bug. Some users suggest to abandon the standard calculator and replace it with a third-party app from the App Store.

The final version of iOS 11 was released with lots of bugs and errors. Apple have already released three small updates, which fixed some flaws.

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