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Advisor to Putin suggested to restrict Russia’s Internet, like in China

The only way to guarantee information security in Russia is a restriction of the Internet in China. As reported “Interfax”, said the adviser of President Putin on the development of the Internet Herman Klimenko.

“One way is the Chinese version. Certainly, control is necessary because there are no opportunities to prevent it. China less sensitive to public opinion, they evaluated the threat and limited the Internet. Now they have no such problems”, – said Klimenko.

He complained that foreign companies working in Russia, on Russian law enforcement agencies.

“We are in a strange position, when the territory of the Russian Federation is a foreign company, earns money, nevertheless, to any request of law enforcement agencies they are not responding. Sorry, we can’t write in WhatsApp and ask them to disable encryption”, – said Klimenko.

He stressed that if the foreign messengers and social networks will not cooperate with law enforcement agencies “any self-respecting state ought to throw them away”.

Note that in China is tightly controlled by the operation of all Internet services. Banned many foreign websites with social features or the ability to store something in the public domain. Internet censorship is valid almost throughout the country except Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau.

Earlier Klimenko proposed to solve the security issue in the Internet. According to him, the problem will become full deanonimizatsiya all users. “The root cause of cyber threats is the preservation of the countries of the anonymity of users on the Internet,” – said Klimenko

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