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The Governor gave the order to begin production of the iPhone 8 at the factory in Saratov

Governor of the Saratov region Valery Radaev instructed to arrange in the region production of a new iPhone. It is reported by news Agency Sarnovosti Thursday, January 26.

According to the newspaper, Radaev visited the “Radiopribor Saratov factory”, where he was shown the shop, told about the plans on technical re-equipment and increase of volumes of production of civil and special purpose. The plans of the Governor impressed.

“There are complexities to rebuild the team and move on to another product, but need to produce desirable products. I always say: let’s to the phones to return your Saratov to release the 7th or 8th iPhone. They say that it is difficult, but we think,” said Radaev.

It is worth noting that the Governor of the Saratov region is not the first time encourages local businesses to switch to the iPhone. In February last year, he gave the order to begin the production of Apple smartphones “Saratov elektroagregat production Association” (SEPO). Its Director, Yevgeniy Reznik said that the purchase of a license is not enough money.

It should be noted that the number of partners Apple is the Russian company “the crystal”. California giant orders the enterprise artificial sapphire for the Apple Watch and the iPhone. Now, according to “Crystal”, about 40% of its shipments account for two-inch plate (used in the Apple Watch), 60% — on a four-inch.

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