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Gmail now has a cancel sending emails

Google has added to its email service Gmail undo function for sending mails. To recall a sent message within 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds, selecting the appropriate time period in the account settings.

Once the user clicks the “Submit” button, at the top of the screen there is a yellow rectangle, and Gmail will offer to cancel the shipment. To use the option within the period of time that the user selected. Letters, sending of which was cancelled, will be stored in the folder “drafts”. By default this option is disabled, and you can activate it in the General settings menu.

After six years of beta testing an option to disable the send became available in the web version of Gmail. Previously, the cancel button was only available to users of the pilot version of mail service Gmail Labs. Like the previous “generation” button, “Cancel sending” cannot recall sent email from mail servers. In reality Gmail does not send the message and holds it in his system during the selected time, giving the user some leeway and a chance to make changes. If at this point the browser will stop their work or Internet connection, the email is sent.

In order to cancel the sending of the letter from your smartphone or tablet, the user will need to install the app Inbox. In the standard Gmail app and on the mobile version, it might not be.

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