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Media declassified documents of program testing driverless cars Apple

In the middle of the month the Department of motor vehicles of California has updated the website, adding the Apple to the 29 companies with a permit to test Autonomous cars on the roads of the state. Thus was obtained an official confirmation of the work “Apple” giant on the project, Project Titan, which aims to create self-driving vehicles.

Today Business Insider published the documents entitled “Special testing platform development” – related project at Apple.

From documents follows, that the six drivers testing the system of Autonomous driving, pass 7 different tests. Apple testing software for self-driving vehicles on existing machines. We are talking about the three Lexus RX450h SUVs of 2015 and the Logitech components, particularly the wheel and pedals.

A few years ago Apple started developing self-driving car, but then her plans changed and the company has focused since last year on the development of basic technologies for Autonomous driving.

Although Apple has never acknowledged plans to create your own electric vehicle, in recent years, she has recruited many professionals in this field. Publication of documents can be considered another proof that Apple is actively working in this direction. However, as already mentioned, this may mean that the company is not developing an electric car, but only the software and hardware required for a self-governing movement.

An Apple representative declined to comment on published documents.

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