Adidas Unveils Second Recyclable Running Shoes

In April this year, Adidas introduced the fully recyclable FUTURECRAFT.LOOP sneakers. In total, 200 pairs were released that were impossible to purchase: they were distributed to journalists, bloggers and other media people.

Adidas Unveils Second Recyclable Running ShoesOn the left is the first version, on the right is the second, made from the first

The bottom line is: due to the fact that the sneakers can be completely recycled, the old pair must be returned to Adidas, so that you can make new ones. Something like a subscription to sneakers, but no extra waste is created. Top!

Refusing plastic waste is the first step, but not the only one. What happens to shoes when they wear out? You throw it away because there is no other way. The result is landfills, garbage is burned, the atmosphere is polluted, and oceans are filled with plastic waste. Therefore, the next step is to get rid of the concept of "garbage" as such. We want to make sure that you can wear the same shoes again and again.

Eric Lidtke

Adidas Board Member

And so the company showed the second version of FUTURECRAFT.LOOP from the redesigned first model, which its owners returned to Adidas. The model looks, by the way, very worthy: the Boost sole, a synthetic toe with a blue accent. This is how they look in disassembled form:

Adidas Unveils Second Recyclable Running Shoes

Adidas plans to switch to fully recyclable plastic by 2024, and sneakers that can be recycled will go on sale in the spring-summer of 2021.

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