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Appeared on YouTube advertising the iPhone SE 2

In the YouTube channel Concept Creator appeared is not yet available iPhone 2 SE. Appearance matches a lot of rumors, and its output seems almost real.

SE the original iPhone debuted in 2016 and since then quite successfully sold. Users like the size and price of the device, so all looking forward to the second version.

According to the latest rumors, the iPhone SE 2 must be edge-to-edge screen in iPhone style X and the good old iPhone 5. Also from him waiting for the Face ID and all related sensor functions. A similar gadget showed in the advertising Concept Creator.

But the creators of the movie have brought some of their parts. The iPhone is made of metal, not glass or aluminum, as reported. Also its shape is slightly different from the original iPhone SE: there was something between iPhone 4 and iPhone X.

In advertising, nothing was said about the hardware component, but according to rumors, the iPhone 2 will SE Apple A10 processor that debuted in the iPhone 7. It is expected that the smartphone will cost the same as the original SE, the price of which starts from 349 USD.

It is expected that iPhone SE 2 presented in the fall along with the main line.

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