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Official: Windows 10 will be available for download on July 29

The release of the new operating system Windows 10 will be held on 29 July this year. This was stated by the head of Microsoft developing Windows Terry Myerson. The final release will be available as free updates for devices on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

The last 14 years, new versions of Windows appeared in October-November, but this time the company decided not to wait for autumn. The platform will be available to users in 190 countries. Russia is included in this list.

In Windows 10 will come back the familiar start menu” and will be the voice assistant Cortana. It may be controlled using voice or text commands — the assistant will also provide the opportunity to resume work on different Windows user’s devices.

Biometric identification system Windows Hello will allow you to login without password using biometric authentication on personal mobile devices. Part of the new platform will be the office Suite of Office in 2016 and browser Microsoft Edge — with it you can do on the web pages of handwritten notes, share them with friends and viewed in read-only mode.

Another notable feature of Windows 10 is Continuum. With its help, when you connect an additional screen and keyboard of a smartphone, according to the company, can be used as a desktop computer. The idea is that the Continuum function must translate the concept of universal applications that adapt to the screen size and offer users a similar experience on different devices.

July 29, Windows 10 will be for computers and tablets, and within a year will be available as a free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Also in Redmond promises free support the system and to release updates “throughout the life cycle of devices running under its control”.

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Right now all users of Windows 7/8.1 have the opportunity to “reserve” a free upgrade to Windows 10.

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