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Action camera GoPro has received the support of Apple Watch [video]

In the App Store released an update to the official GoPro app. Utility in version 2.11 has received the support of “smart” clock Apple Watch, making the wearable computer can act as a remote viewfinder for portable cameras known brand.

The GoPro app for Apple Watch is compatible with a range of branded camcorders for extreme. The manufacturer offers the most popular choices for outdoor recreation or tourism. Action cameras allow you to shoot in the highest quality interesting and exciting events and moments of life.

GoPro shoot in practically any, the most difficult conditions – on water, under water, in mountains, at high speeds, strong vibrations. Different mounting options camera include the ability to record videos from the most unusual perspectives: a surfboard, bike handlebar, helmet, wrist, wing aircraft, the frame of the bike, the hood of the car, etc.

With the release of a new version of the iOS app, users can link the Apple Watch and a GoPro camera, and the clock will continue to operate as separate display live image and serve to control the camera. With this feature you can make great videos or to take pictures with loved ones.

Compared with the automatic shutter release using the Apple Watch will give more time for the photo shoot. In addition, this will avoid camera shake when shooting night scenes or close-UPS when the GoPro is mounted on a tripod or other base.

Download GoPro App with support for Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad is available for free at this link.

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