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App TrakCar solve the problem with finding the car in the Parking lot

Normal mapping application can solve the problem with finding Parking, but you need to fulfill the main condition: the user must not forget to open the program and put the label on the map. TrakCar app allows you to forget about this routine once and for all: it automatically saves the location of the machine and makes it easy to find it on the map, without making any effort.

TrakCar is operating in automatic mode. Just start the application and you can forget about it. When you need to remember where you parked, just start the app and you will see where is the car – automatically and without any special services.

To use the automatic functions, it is necessary to have an iPhone 5s, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6s or 6s Plus. If you have more than the Junior model, the program is also useful, but then you have to use the manual button location.

TrakCar announces the termination of its work by sending a notification with a request to press the button to restart the application. This is true, for example, in the case of restarting, the discharge of a smartphone, etc.

Find the car two tabs. The Map tab on the whereabouts of the machine and the user, and the “History” tab shows where it was parked previously, indicating the duration of Parking. This tab allows you to read and the last Parking spot. After the launch you will be asked to provide the email address (which must be confirmed within 2 days), the make and model of your car to facilitate his search.

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A list of the main functions TrakCar:

  • automatic determination of the location of the car when parked out of the Parking lot and Parking spaces in the Parking lot;
  • preparation of a report on all previous occasions, when the car is parked;
  • the ability to delete the history of the car;
  • alert in real-time on the detected way the movement of the user (on whether he is walking, running, riding in the car);
  • the ability to locate manually;
  • Support for iPhone and Apple Watch.

TrakCar app is free and compatible with smartphones on iOS 7.1 and above, as well as smart clock Apple Watch.

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