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Specialists iFixit disassembled the new Apple iPhone case and evaluated its maintainability

“The destroyers of electronics” from iFixit only cares. After specialists put 1 point out of 10 to Apple stylus Pencil, they came from another brand accessory, Apple case Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 6s.

According to the head of Apple Tim cook, the iPad smart cover with a battery is not required for each accessory and will be useful during long trips or travel. He believes that other cases with built-in battery is inconvenient, and the Apple product due to the soft top allows you to secure the gadget, without creating difficulties c installation.

Case Smart Battery Case, with the exception of flexible hinges, made of hard plastic and covered in tactile silicone. The disassembly process begins with the branch planted on the glue lining made of microfiber on the inner side of the cover. Beneath it there is a aluminum plate bolted T3 Torx screws. This component hides the main component of the device – battery. The metal plate is to impart rigidity and to protect the battery.

Judging by the marking, technical characteristics include the built-in battery voltage of 3.8 V and a capacity of 1 877 mAh (7,13 W∙h). The case battery has a model number A1585.

After removing the plate you can see the controller battery and the motherboard. The last is the NX20P3 transistor NXP and the NXP power controller 1608A1.

To iFixit noted that with the help of special duct cleaning Apple turned lower secondary camera in front. Through this improved acoustic properties iPhone. Similarly, the front panel put the microphone of your smartphone.

Ultimately, the case Smart Battery Case iFixit have earned only 2 points out of a possible 10 (the maximum rating corresponds to the maximum maintainability). The advantage of the design in terms of repairability a bit – except that the use of Torx T3 screws. As for lost points, they were removed for disassembling the accessory or to replace the battery without damage is impossible.

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