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Meizu: do not overpay for the iPhone 6, wait for M1 Note 2

Smartphone Meizu m1 note can be called one of the best known companies in the price range of about $ 150. Machine design iPhone 5c is equipped with high-quality Full HD screen diagonal of 5.5 inches, platform MediaTek MT6752, 2 GB of RAM and a battery of 3140 mAh.

The smartphone was presented at the end of last year, but the Network has already appeared information about his successor. Five days later, Meizu will present the second generation of the device, and therefore encourages users to hold off on buying the iPhone 6. In a common Network poster Meizu shows iPhone 6 and M2 Note, comparing the cost of these smartphones.

The main argument in favor of buying M2 Note 2 is the price. On the poster the cost of the iPhone 6 are stated at 5288 yuan, or 45 000 rubles, while the M1 Note will cost 999 yuan or 8 500 rubles.

Surprising fact comparing these devices, because the iPhone 6 is in a different price category. Apparently, the ambitions of the manufacturer are such that he believes the device is equivalent rivals.

Earlier in the network appeared the photo, which allegedly depicted M1 Note 2. This is not the MX4, as there is no metal frame. And the color and location of the buttons indicate that it is not m1 note. Most likely, this is due to the fully plastic housing and it is assumed that it is the successor to last.

The official presentation of novelties from Meizu will be held on 2 June.

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