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A Russian company released a case that protects the iPhone from the CIA

Russian manufacturer of luxury accessories Gresso has presented a collection of covers, ensuring the cybersecurity of the iPhone. According to the company, the new hard cases can protect the device from connecting to it by third parties.

Special covers created using nano-carbon fiber fabric and completely block all incoming and outgoing signals, making the smartphone “invisible”. The result is, in particular, to activate the iPhone’s microphone without your knowledge and listen to all conversations.

According to Gresso, the project work was carried out during the year. Has been tested hundreds of different materials that provide shielding properties. The company says that through the use of special nanocarbons tissue were able to achieve complete absorption of all types of signals. Attackers will not be able to determine the location of your iPhone for GPS and GLONASS.

Line of secure covers are made of leather and decorated with logos from titanium or gold.

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