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iPhone 6s called the most powerful smartphone on the market

Sales of the recently announced iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in the countries of the first wave will begin only on Friday, September 25. However, some sources have already evaluated the performance of the flagship smartphones.

The Apple A9 processor, the foundations for new smartphones, a proprietary Apple and produced at the facilities of TSMC and Samsung. System on a chip of the previous generation A8 in full produced by TSMC. In the case of a new platform TSMC received only 40% of orders for new SoC for the iPhone, and the rest went to Samsung. This explains the cooperation with the South Korean manufacturer GoldenFoundries and use of more advanced 14-nm process.

Single chip Apple A8 had a pair of processor cores with a frequency of 1.4 GHz and a GPU PowerVR GX6650. In spite of the existence of a pair of cores, the system performed well in tests, although due to different operating systems, the results must be regarded accordingly.

The new platform A9 also has only two cores. This chip, according to Apple, 90% more powerful than its predecessor when working with graphics and 70% more productive it when it comes to computing. The source decided to test the promise and tested a new smartphone company in Geekbench.

The result of the device — 2292 points in single-threaded mode and 4293 points in a multi-threaded. And if in the latter case, the result is quite decent, but far from subdued, the performance of a single kernel in Apple’s new SoC significantly superior to any other existing platform. For comparison, the result of Apple’s A8 — about 1700 and 2800 points, respectively.

In the test on the graphics performance of the iPhone 6s ahead of its main competitor, the Galaxy S6. The result of Apple smartphone in 3DMark amounted 24842 points against the South Korean 21026 apparatus. In other words, the flagship Apple was not only able in some cases to beat a previous iOS device, but spared most productive Samsung.

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