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5 hidden functions of iPhone that you might not know

Many users believe that you know absolutely everything about the iPhone. However, iOS develops and becomes with the years more and more complex platform, so you can always learn something new.

Close all Safari tabs

People often complain about the inability to close all tabs in Safari with one click, but not many people know that such a function exists. Close all Safari tabs in two ways. First: press and hold the icon tab in the bottom right corner. Either tap the Close button on the page switching tabs. You also need to hold the button then in the dropdown menu choose “Close tab (xx)”.

Adjusting the intensity of the flashlight

IOS 10, Apple has added the feature of 3D Touch for some icons in the control Center. Strong press on the icon of the flashlight brings up a menu where you can select the intensity of the glow – bright, average and weak light.

Siri can pronounce the name of the caller

If you often carry your iPhone in your pocket or backpack, is quite problematic to know who is calling you, especially during training. In this case, Siri can call you the name of the calling subscriber. In order to enable the audio function name of the caller in iOS 10, just go to Settings –> Phone –> Ad calls and activate the option. You can select to announce caller name always, only when you are in headphones or when you’re in headphones or connected to a stereo in the car via Bluetooth.

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The caller

If you want to hide your number when calling, this trick is perfect. Just dial “#31#” before the destination number and your number will be hidden when you call.

The Shortcut Is Apple Pay

If you are a user of the payment system Pay Apple, probably know that you can open the application “Wallet” or double-click the Home button for payment. But did you know that, in fact, did not need to? It’s much easier. When you’re ready to pay, simply attach your iPhone to a compatible terminal and Apple Pay will automatically open.

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